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October 21, 2015

Get Ready for the Final Rule on ELDs with the SOAR Solutions Driver APP and ELD Module

The movement to replace paper log books with Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) is getting closer. The final rule publishing date has been pushed out to October 30, 2015.

What does this mean for carriers and drivers?
The switch from paper to electronic will take some socializing with drivers and non-drivers as they get acquainted with the new rules and how this will affect day-to-day operations.

Moving to electronic logs gives carriers new opportunities to increase efficiencies, visibility and tracking more operational data that was not available or viable with paper.

How will ELDs help my business?
Increased efficiencies:
  • Less time calculating remaining hours in a day, cycle.
  • Less time auditing log books.
  • Less hours of service and form and manner errors. Leading to a better compliance record and reducing the amount of fines paid.
Increase visibility:
  • Supporting documentation such as log books, vehicle inspections are submitted much faster, allowing for faster action to be taken if required. For example, defects noted on a vehicle inspection can be relayed to the fleet manager as soon as they are noted, rather than days or even weeks after.
  • Vehicle and trailer information available for quick reference, for situations such as break downs.
  • Upcoming preventative maintenance dates for vehicle and trailers, managers and drivers can better communicate and schedule the service due.
What benefits come from using SOAR Solutions safety software and ELD?
  • Connecting directly to the vehicle provides vital information from location tracking and driver behavior to engine codes.
  • The driver app is an easy way for drivers to complete logs and inspections.
  • Fleet managers can receive alerts the moment a defect is spotted by a driver and marked on an e-inspection.
  • Fewer form and manner violations are recorded by using a consistent format and auto-populating administrative fields.
What is the SOAR Solutions APP and ELD difference?
  • With the app linked to the software, fleet managers and safety officers can view inspections and logs as soon as they are submitted, for up to the minute coaching.
  • With the app linked to the software, drivers have access to a variety of features including driver and training alerts, preventative maintenance schedule for their current vehicle,
  • Our proprietary e-accident form, is a great tool for drivers and managers to respond quickly and capture information in the moment.
Get the SOAR Solutions APP and ELD today!

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